Our company is from Kyoto. and start with traditional Japanese designing.
Kyoto is one of the most histric cities in the not only Japan but the world

Kyoto had been the Capital of Japan for more than one housand year.
During the period, most trend and sense of Japanse beauty was born here.
As you know, Kyoto has been selected best tourism city for two years in a row.
So, our city is still the most attractive place. The reason is evolution.
Since our culture met foreign cultures, our beuaty has been evoluting.
For example cars, cameras,etc. These technologies were all new to us. However we have splendidly achieved the integration of them and Japanese tradition.
Now we are pioneer of these fields. Same thing is true of the fashion and art world.
Our accumulation of tradition and the sensitivity of
our young designers will help finding solution of your business.

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